Made in Italy it is an expression that evokes the idea of Italian products all over the world.

The reason for the fame of this expression that over time has become a real brand, is the quality  which characterizes Italian craftsmanship and industrial excellence. 

From footwear to pret à porter , from bicycles to automobiles without forgetting the  food and wine excellences , the Italian products that bear this title are particularly sought after on the world markets for quality and reliability, for the imagination and originality of the  design  for their durability and safety, for their unmistakable taste and taste.

To make known and promote the Made in Italy  throughout the year in Italy is a succession of meetings, fairs, showrooms, full of good taste, quality, research and traditional. These are initiatives that often combine the character of the exhibition market to the cultural event, opportunities to learn about the art and history of the “beautiful country” .

Many of the artisanal and industrial productions that guarantee the origin  of the made in Italy products are garnished with international brands and awards, such as DOC wines , with Denomination of Controlled Origin, or PDO cheeses, with Protected Designation of Origin, while others, such as fabrics, furnishings and clothing accessories, are protected by patents and copyrights that ensure their uniqueness . 

To guarantee both the origin and the creation and realization of products  Made in Italy both the protection consortia and the single producers intervene , while independent agencies certify the quality and watch against sophistication and counterfeiting. 

Often the reason for a visit to Italy is precisely this: discovering the places of Made in Italy up close, observing how its products are made, connecting to tradition and the  culture which generated them. It is very difficult to go home without taking at least one memory with her. 




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