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Barbecue OME Grill (Mod Big) – Stainless steel cooking hob

400,00 350,00

Beautiful barbecue with stainless steel stove (completely dismountable)

MOD BIG – DIMENSIONS L.105 – P.60 – H. 145

  • Stainless steel cooking top
  • GALVANIZED steel structure
  • Cassettone brings the plate to the embers
  • Adjustable hob height
  • Removable for outings
  • Money-back guarantee


We are pleased to present you this wonderful barbecue made up of a load-bearing structure made of very strong galvanized iron, a 2 mm sheet metal drawer with removable ash, and it is also equipped with a stainless steel cooker, adjustable in height according to the intensity of the flame present in the combustion chamber.

A fat disposal system has been provided on the hob, which provides a drainage duct which allows greases to be conveyed directly to the bottom of a common plastic bottle positioned downstream of the hob.

This system favors the reduction of the fumes that would form with the fall of the fat on the embers. OME Grill is also totally dismountable able to follow you everywhere (Excursions with friends, camping, at sea and in the mountains).

The OME grill is also suitable for restaurants and taverns because the hob allows you to comfortably cook large quantities of meat.

A quality product MADE IN ITALY to ensure durability over time, at a very high price



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