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Serenelle 200g by Dolce&Bontà

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The Dolce & Bontà serenellas are sweet, crunchy, the typical biscuits that always accompany breakfast in our imagination. They represent the ideal biscuit, with all its perfectly balanced ingredients, a unique consistency, and a taste that appeals to the whole family. The Dolce & Bontà serenellas are delicious biscuits made with almonds and hazelnuts. The 200g package is ideal for a family who wants to enjoy a breakfast together to share a pleasant moment. The serenellas are a 100% natural product, without preservatives, colorings or margarines. They represent the true quality of Made in Italy food. The Dolce & Bonta ‘serenellas are the ideal biscuits for breakfast because they go well with any drink. Caffelatte, black coffee, milk, fruit juice. Every morning drink will seem even more pleasant with the serenellas. And if this is not enough, it may be nice to eat some even at snack time.

Manufacturer: Dolce & Buono
Made in Italy
Region: Calabria
Net weight: 200gr
Price € 13.80 / Kg

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Wheat flour type “00”, sugar, fresh butter (17%), FRESH EGGS, ALMONDS Italian (5%), Italian HAZELNUTS (5%), pure sodium bicarbonate, natural vanilla flavor (0.1%).



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