Made in Italy is considered world-wide synonymous with high quality, originality and style. The reasons for this success worldwide must be sought in the historical cultural and artistic traditions of the Italian territory. Italy boasts a very rich and varied aesthetic and environmental heritage. As a plant it draws its lifeblood and nourishment from the soil where it has its roots, so, in a similar way, the ability and the marked creative sensibility that distinguish the Made in Italy derive from the artistic and cultural humus of our territory. Italian artisans, designers and stylists absorb their “nutrients” in the form of creative stimuli and input capable of translating into high quality products and products. This is the territorial gene that makes the difference in building the added value of “Made in Italy” where the good taste and love for well-made things – made “to perfection” – are the real essence.

The value of tradition, as a positive differential, combined with technological innovation has made it possible to affirm the Made in Italy in highly competitive world markets. The ability to innovate tradition has therefore always been the strategy of Made in Italy success.

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