You want to sell your product online, without incurring all the problems and risks

that an e-commerce site involves?


We have created a multi-e-commerce site that can meet the needs of many small craft companies, promoting their high quality

products enhancing the Made in Italy and giving the possibility through the web to strengthen visibility at the local level but

above all to make known the many products all over the national and foreign territory

What can Artigyani do for your business?

ARTigyani is a multi-e-commerce solution that aims to solve for your business some problems in order to:

  • Analyze the feasibility of online sales of your products

  • Make available a Showcase (Mini website) for the sale of products (you should proceed only to shipping)

  • Ensure presence on social networks and on the web to offer greater visibility

  • Take advantage of 10% discounts on all products on the platform.

All this without:

  • Investing money in ad hoc ecommerce websites

  • think about the marketing part of your products

  • Assume specialized personnel who manage e-commerce, we think about that.

  • Never close: your business can sell your products on weekends and holidays

  • Geographic limits: you can sell your products all over the world, thanks to the option to select the English language.

Basically the service you sell on ARTigyani puts at your disposal the experience

gained in online sales services, for:

Increase sales of your products by easily reaching a wide range of customers

Zero the fixed costs of running a physical store

Differentiate yourself from the competition still left to traditional sales only

Why choose the ARTigyani service instead of the e-commerce site


Reduce the costs of implementation & nbsp; and Management of the e-commerce siteWe’ll take care of the management 

You will only liquidate the commission by selling the product on our website & nbsp;

You will have the possibility to have a 10% discount on all products purchased on the platform

Do you want to sell your products online?

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