What are the 3 main aspects emerging from the new trends in the confectionery sector? What markets are waiting to be conquered?

The positive trend of consumption outside the home of the Italians, shows how the confectionery sector is a growing market after some difficult years. Companies operating in this greedy sector can return to breathe a sigh of relief, looking with confidence even beyond national borders.

Furthermore, changes related to new consumer lifestyle, more attentive to healthy products, they have led chocolate producers to focus on different aspects. In addition to quality, today’s consumer expects to experience an experience that involves the entire universe linked to the product. A perfect presentation, taken care of down to the last detail to enhance the chocolate goodies, is certainly a good starting point.

tendenze settore cioccolato 2018

confectionery sector: what is the country on which to bet?

Globally, in the year just ended, 2016, have been spent altogether 123 miliardi di dollari in cacao e derivati, only 30 in bars or chocolate bars (mostly with milk). Growth of 12% in the period between 2012 and 2016.

If in the period between 2013 and 2015 the annual production in the world fell by 5%, at the end of 2016 it started to grow again, reaching un record 4 million tons.In Italy, on average, we consume 4 kg of chocolate bars a year, preferring the dark (40%) to the milk and the white one.

In particular, Euromonitor data relating to 2016, reveal that in Italy we eat less chocolate, but “premium” that is more expensive. In Western countries chocolate consumption has decreased, despite the spending of food by the gods is increasing: + 2% in Europe and + 4% in America. Furthermore, the latest trends in the confectionery sector, indicate the China like the chocolate paradise, an emerging market still to be conquered!

At present there are no exact estimates, but China will probably be one of the most important chocolate markets by 2020.

3 key points in the confectionery sector: what dress will you wear chocolate?

Creative combinations

The public has changed, now it has increasingly sought after tastes, particular and sometimes even too original. For this reason, if the quality of the product made the difference first, now the goodness of the product is no longer enough. Good patience and a huge amount of creativity are needed. What the consumer is looking for is to live a stimulating emotion that covers the whole context of the product. In this regard the sensory elements come into play:

  • Smell
  • Touch
  • View

OLFACT: it is one of the most powerful senses because it is able to enhance the perception of taste with a rich range of nuances. The scent of chocolate can be so inviting as to stimulate the taste buds even before tasting it. & Nbsp; The aroma, in fact, increases the expectation, providing the presentation of the food with an added value if expertly combined with the taste.

THE TACT: every sensation that is felt on the tongue, on the palate and on the mouth are all tactile stimuli. For example, a fresh taste, a creamy texture, a texture contrast (velvety vs. crunchy) are not gustatory qualities but rigorously tactile. In general, consumers, most likely tired of today’s virtual world, have rediscovered the value of the authenticity of the products, paying close attention to the Made in Italy label. For example, the action of tasting a Made in Italy product is transformed into a sensorial experience because it is able to examine every single peculiarity inherent in the Culture Italian.

THE VIEW: the relationship between color and taste is more complex than it seems and influences primary perceptions such as sweet and bitter.  A research conducted by Alicía Foundation has found interesting how the color of the food can influence the sweetness and the taste. In another research it has been observed that, in general, people tend to eat less when food is served in a red dish, being a color that is too demanding for sight. Moreover, during the great depression, the restaurateurs noticed how the diners were satisfied even with small portions of food if served on blue plates.

Only with the matching combinations, with the WOW effect you can improve company margins and grow in the long term. For example, a combination that is enjoying great success in the US is the one that sees the protagonist the vegetables combined with chocolate. A very particular combination and, at the same time much appreciated and required is what mix together with a white chocolate, carrot and walnut 

tendenze settore dolciario

Prodotti Premium

In an era characterized by strong consumerism and the standardization of everything, there is a countertrend, to allow the B2B or B2C customer to enjoy unique, highly customizable products, adding value to those goods considered to be widely used, such as chocolate.  The personalization of all the accessories that orbit around the chocolate, can increase customer loyalty and their involvement in the brand. To propose a” premium chocolate “through a careful and accurate presentation of the product is another trend in the confectionery industry to focus on if you are not already doing so. As you have already understood, the customer does not just buy a product, but all the surrounding environment. Proposing a premium product means, in a sense, opening your heart and your arms to the consumer who, when he feels loved, will be ready to  pay a higher price for your premium product!

Prodotti Healthy

Today’s consumers are particularly careful to enjoy healthy and wholesome foods. Even in the most gluttonous products such as chocolate, there is a strong demand to buy a product with a low sugar and gluten – free content. moreover, coconut milk in chocolate is increasingly requested: it does not contain lactose, becoming an ingredient suitable for feeding the most sensitive subjects. Moreover, being completely vegetable, coconut milk is included in the list of foods granted in vegetarian or vegan diets.

These are just some of the challenges and great opportunities that chocolate producers will see throughout 2018

Surely, the way you present your product at trade shows or the design details you will be paying close attention to will be decisive factors for achieving better results. 

And you what of the confectionery industry trends? If you have questions leave us a

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